Anonymous asked: have you ever read the manga vagabond? i feel like you would really appreciate the art in it

Though I haven’t had the chance to sit down and properly read it, I am pretty familiar with Inoue Takehiko’s work. I’m so impressed, you know me well anon - his line work is just heaven

Anonymous asked: Hi, were can I find The Harbinger in your blog? (story, kuz I love the art)

Hello! As I mentioned before - I’m still working on the story, (it isn’t up yet) and it won’t be up for a few months, possibly June or July. I plan to release an online version and a full printed version, which will take the form of a hardcover book. Until then I’ll keep posting art and sketches from the story here :)

taking a break from all my projects lol like - I just gotta sit the hell down for a second

taking a break from all my projects lol like - I just gotta sit the hell down for a second

teiruu asked: I really adore your drawings, you're my inspiration. Thanks for posting and sharing your work <3

ah thank you so much :) <3

LIFE UPDATE! FINALLY got around to putting that online “portfolio" together, apparently the blog is too hard to navigate - also there was a little issue where my boyfriend kept trying to show people my drawings via this tumblr BUT WAIT, IT’S HERE….SOMEWHERE…PAST THE DICKS - WAIT THE ART IS COMING I PROMISE
And literally surrounding myself in inspiration, I feel like I’m being cradled by knowledge and beautiful things right now. I haven’t slept properly in a month because I can’t stop drawing. It feels so fucking good

ARTIST: Henry Mancini

TRACK: Gypsy Violin

ALBUM: Darling Lily OST

PLAYS: 396

So I was up until 6am this morning drawing and listening to Gypsy Violin by Henry Mancini on repeat all night

a preview of the forest scene from THE HARBINGER

You may bury my bodydown by the highway sideSo my old evil spiritCan catch a Greyhound bus and ride- Robert Johnson, Me and the Devil Blues

You may bury my body
down by the highway side
So my old evil spirit
Can catch a Greyhound bus and ride

- Robert Johnson, Me and the Devil Blues


a hungry young booby

my other otp @ undeadseanbean


a hungry young booby

my other otp @ undeadseanbean

Super old LAW drawing. P.S. One more day of free shipping & $5 off in my shop! Discount code link

Anonymous asked: helloooo, i'm sorry if you've been asked this before, but could you please tell are there any special brush settings you use making your glorious artworks (if it's not top secret information ofc)? and THANK YOU for sharing your art and bringing awesomeness to our dashes

Hello! Thank you for this lovely message!!
I switch between default and custom brush sets for MANGA STUDIO 5 (which is my program of choice), this one by haloghost and this one by 888toto  - there is a small fee for the latter but it’s totally worth it in my opinion, also I like supporting independent artists when I can.
Here are my TOP 3 -

FIRST BRUSH// G-PEN - a default brush, so no downloads necessary. Since it has such a nice pointy tip but also a very full body, it’s my go-to brush for sketching, or when I need to fill in large areas with colour. Reminds me of the ink tool or pen tool when I used to have SAI 
˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

SECOND BRUSH // MARU - a custom brush. This is my SERIOUS-BUSINESS tool. There isn’t a huge difference between this one and the G-PEN except how very very FINE the strokes will go without ever needing to change the size of the brush - and, if you know me, you’ll know I’m all about the tiny tiny fine lines, perfect stray-hairs-and-eye-creases-brush. MY FAVOURITE. 

THIRD BRUSH // SKETCH PENCIL - custom brush. An effect I like when drawing fabric/clothes. 

aech-fic asked: Okay so your art's always amazing but I really love it when you doodle

the doodles come out when I’m excited ٩(๑꒦ິȏ꒦ິ๑)۶ ehehe

these are the 2 second scribbles of my heart



one piece 744